Alexey Removich Kulchitskiy


Department of Mechanical Engineer

Vladimir State University




Alexey RemovichKulchitsky in 1975 graduated from the Vladimir Polytechnic Institute (t. Vladimir, USSR) such as an engineer for Internal Combustion Engines. For 24 years, he worked at the Research Institute, dealing with issues of reducing emissions of harmful substances from diesel exhaust gases. Then for 15 years, he worked at a plant for the production of tractors and engines. At the same time, for 17 years, he taught at the Vladimir State University (t. Vladimir, Russia) as a professor. From 1978 to 1981, he studied at the postgraduate school of the Moscow Automobile and Road Institute (c. Moscow, USSR), and in 1982 he defended his dissertation for the degree of Ph.D., and in 2006 - for the degree of DoctorSciences. Both dissertations are connected with the study of the features of the formation of harmful substances during fuel combustion in diesel and the improvement of the environmental characteristics of diesel. At present, he works at one of the Russian plants producing agricultural and industrial equipment.

Published over 140 scientific papers.

Area of Interests

• Increasing the efficiency of the combustion processes of traditional, alternative and mixed fuels in internal combustion engines;

• The formation of harmful substances during the combustion of traditional, alternative and mixed fuels in internal combustion engines.