Jason John Knight

Senior Lecturer

Aerospace Engineering

University of Portsmouth

United Kingdom



Jason John Knight graduated from the University of Hertfordshire in 1995 with an Honours degree in Aerospace Engineering. He went into the industry for 3 years before returning to study at the University of Warwick. He completed a Ph.D. in 2002 and lecturer at the University of Hertfordshire for 10 years prior to joining the University of Portsmouth in 2014. His main industrial experience includes working as an aerodynamics consultant for the Motor Industry Research Association and as a support engineer on helicopter vibration monitoring systems. He has also worked on aerodynamic development projects at Porsche, Jaguar and BAR F1 in addition to commercial projects for Boeing and Ford.

Area of Interests

 Aerodynamics both experimental and numerical.

Wind tunnel testing and using computational fluid dynamics (CFD).

Modeling the fluid-structure interaction of convertible car hoods and was sponsored by EPSRC and Jaguar cars.

Fluid-structure interactions with a particular emphasis on membranes.

Interests in wind tunnel testing techniques, bio-inspired aerodynamics, road vehicle, and motorsport aerodynamics.  

Projects in flow simulation of snow deposition around shielding fences, 2-phase flow-through filtration systems, and CFD modeling of airships.

Research projects in turbulence modeling of separation and CFD analysis of drilling